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    Total CSO’s specialized Sheepdog Unit conducts traditional private investigations and executive protection services. Our Sheepdog Unit has over 23 years of experience in specialized law enforcement investigations, cybercrime investigations, electronic surveillance/counter surveillance, Special Weapons and Tactics and criminal intelligence analysis.Several members of our staff actively serve as certified, sworn, law enforcement officers and others have been in very specialized law enforcement units including SWAT, Firearms Instruction, Special Operations Groups, and Crime Lab Units. Our Sheep Dog Unit members have also assisted many law firms around the United States with specialized services in cyber-crime, e-discovery and cyber forensics investigations.

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Cyber-attacks continue to increase on the small and midsized business (“SMB”) community. Part of the reason for these recent headlines regarding attacks on SMB’s are due to attackers realizing that the large corporations have a good information security budget, so attackers have moved their focus of attack where budgets are small and even smaller for information security services…



We have over 23 years of specialized information security experience. Our security consulting staff has experience with fortune 50 companies as executive information security leaders as well as with smaller and mid-sized businesses that handle…